Services are specifically selected, tailored, and organized to best suit individual customer needs and goals. We don’t push standard solutions, we develop individual solutions around your specific needs.

Our goal is to make service simple, convenient, reliable and effective.

  • BlueBrier provides a Single Point of Contact for every customer.
  • BlueBrier provides a personal portal for every customers to schedule pick-ups, monitor process status, pull reports, and more.



  • BlueBrier takes care of logistic and data erasure for you.
  • Data erasure can be carried out at the customer location or at BlueBrier.
  • BlueBrier erases HDD, SSD, NVMe, etc
  • Physical media destruction on-site or at BlueBrier is an option and includes tape media.


  • Asset removal can occur prior to data erasure or after on-site data erasure
  • White glove services to collect, package and load
  • A detailed manifest to accompany shipments
  • Load and vehicle seals are available
  • Vehicle tracking is available for your peace of mind

Data Erasure

  • Data destruction reports to suit your specific needs
  • Third party validation is available
  • Physical media destruction on-site or at BlueBrier is an option


After data erasure, BlueBrier can repair, refurbish and reconfigure IT Assets to for optimal value and functional life extension repurposing for your benefit or the benefit of others.

Economic Sustainability – Capital Management

  • Fair Market Value estimates to help guide lifecycle decisions.
  • Redeployment – Extend capital life in reuse or for maintenance purposes.
  • Resale – We broker resale deals to suit your needs and assume warrantee responsibility

Social Sustainability – Brand Management

  • Employee purchase programs help organizations in supporting their teams
  • Communities and less advantaged people can benefit from making equipment available for others to realize potential

Environmental Sustainability – Responsibility

  • BlueBrier ensures environmentally conscientious, compliant disposal. Recyclables will be recovered and hazardous material treated safely.