BlueBrier’s goal is simple:

We want to help people – as many as possible – in a positive way without infringing on anyone. Our overriding objective is to do something meaningfully beneficial and do it well. That’s also our reward.

The help we provide through data destruction and IT hardware management is broad and expansive:

BlueBrier helps protect privacy.
The first priority is data security and destruction. For IT professionals, that gives them less worries and more time to attend to their priorities. For our customers, their clients and so on, it provides a level of assurance to reduce privacy risk exposure.

BlueBrier helps create opportunity.
Once privacy risk from retained data and within firmware is eliminated, opportunity to extend functional life arises. BlueBrier refurbishes, reconfigures and upgrades IT hardware. For the current owner, the assets can be redeployed, used for maintenance purposes or sold to recover capital. Resale or donation, helps others, possibly less advantaged, by making IT tools more available for people to get more productive and realize their potential. This is economic and social sustainability at work.

BlueBrier helps the environment.
Once repairability or obsolescence make repurposing unattainable, BlueBrier coordinates responsible disposal to vetted downstreams to recycle recoverable commodities and safely process hazardous byproducts.  This helps everyone in caring for the environment we undeniably share. This is environmental sustainability at work.

Our method for serving people is controlled processes that deliver true, validated, measurable outcomes defined by the needs of our customers, their customers, our team and community. A written promise that we helped people isn’t enough. BlueBrier’s services come with evidential proof demonstrating what customers accomplish in security, sustainability and compliance.

BlueBrier helps people build and execute a plan to make a difference.

  • The easiest thing is to do nothing – increasingly risky.
  • The hardest thing is to do everything yourself – costly and time consuming.
  • The best thing to do is execute a plan – proactively eliminate risk and create opportunity.

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